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Feather Family [ARCHAEOPTERYX]




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🕊ïļ Bird Roleplay 🕊ïļ Explore the world as one of many types of birds! Choose your species, customize yourself, hatch from an egg, grow up, build your own nest, and join flocks! 🎉 100 MILLION VISITS! Thank you so much! 🎉 ðŸĶī SUMMER OF FOSSILS ðŸĶī - EXTINCT BIRDS ALL SUMMER LONG! - ðŸĢ Next Update: Friday, July 10th - Unlockable Moabird ðŸĢ Last Update: Archaeopteryx - Unlockable Archaeopteryx - Manage Flock Members FIXED! Kicking one member will no longer kick everyone in the flock. Making a Leader will always make the correct player the leader. Credits: ShinyGriffin - https://www.roblox.com/users/131574961/profile Patcha105 - (Title Music) https://www.roblox.com/users/1201907/profile/


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