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Welcome to Heroes Online, a game inspired by the hit series My Hero Academia. Choose your path as a Hero who fights for justice or a Villain who wreaks havoc and improve your character so you can defeat all that stand in your way! Explore the world, obtain powerful quirks and weapons, defeat powerful bosses and use them as your sidekicks and more in the ultimate hero vs villain experience on Roblox! On top of open world, try out the team battles gamemode! Lead your team of 5 to victory against other players and win loads of XP and Yen as you climb up the leaderboards to one day become number 1! 350K for 3 Epic Spins! 340K : https://twitter.com/ArkhamDeluxe/status/1241751101709443073


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By crossyxgaming
7 rare spins

i do this open the codes then type twitter then type his name


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