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Update [1/4/2020] - Enabled PBR and shadow maps in the lobby. - Adjusted first person so guns aren't pointing so much to the left. - Fixed missing particle textures caused by Roblox updates. - Fixed a bug which resulted in players getting stuck in spectate. - Fixed some visual artifacts with the heat vision feature. - Significantly reduced The Stalker's health drainage. - Removed usage of Roblox's defunct LoadLibrary function. In The Stalker you assume the role of an elite soldier in the Combine Empire. You and your team have been sent to exterminate an "experiment that went horrendously wrong", known as The Stalker. He's a nearly invisible mutant hunchback creature with psychic powers, and he'll stop at nothing to devour you, and the rest of your team. The goal is simple: Eliminate him or be killed.


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By build by a girl

open twiter and then facebook

free coins 1010
The Stalker: Reborn Codes
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free coins 1010 +50000coins build by a girl
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