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Two Player Heist Tycoon




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NEW: Added new map, new gear and a bounty system! Note: I've reverted to the old save system, you will get all your gear back on v1.2 servers. Each tycoon has a vault, you must decide who will stay and defend the money, or who will go out, mount your steed, and show your dominance to claim victorious of the sand-ridden lands. Both players will be greatly rewarded if they complete a successful heist. Join our group to receive special bonuses like cash, XP and credits: #################### TIPS - Due to the nature of this tycoon, players can enter your tycoon willingly. If you are being spawn-killed, stand still and your forcefield will not disappear until you move. - Your vault will appear when you purchase the second floor, so buy some weapons before! - Purchases from the gear shop are permanent - Shoot the vault to damage it


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