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Shutdown = Update In this game its kill or be killed. This is a fighting game, "randoming" doesn't exist. Welcome to Soul Shatters: Test Place! There are many planned changes and features that aren't, won't, may, and will be in the final release. Current Characters Include: Sans, Glitchtale Chara, Storyshift Chara, Undyne, Bete Noire, Asriel Dreemurr, Frisk, XTale Sans/Chara Controls: LMB or RMB for combat F to block attacks R to transport Ctrl to run (Can Tap or Hold) Double tapping w,a,s,d to dash (Holding after Double tapping automatically makes you sprint) MMB to lock on or L (Press Again To Unlock) 1-9 For Special Attacks (That Drain Stamina) Q and E On certain characters in certain stages can change your 1-9 attacks. Keep up to date with changes, updates, and planned features.


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By AlphaFox38YT
gives you a spider bloxy cola shoulder item

go onto your browser then type in the browser bar then type in the code!


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