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[🔥KQOH, KARS BOSS 🔥] JoJo Blox




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Level Cap : 1000 New Update -Kars Boss ! -True Ultimate Life Form -Killer Queen Over Heaven [New Drop] You can get ACT4 or D4C from arrows ! [New Shop] Event Points Shop ! Combat : Ultimate Life Form, Kars Hamon, Hamon Requiem, Vampire Stands in-game: Made In Heaven, D4C , Sticky Finger ,C-Moon , King Crimson , Star Platinum, The World, Crazy Diamond, Killer Queen, Gold Experience, Magician Red, Silver Chariot ,Metallica, Chili Pepper, Weather Report Requiem Stands: King Crimson,Star Platinum, The World, Killer Queen, Gold Experience, Magician Red OverHeaven Stands: Star Platinum , Gold Experience , The World FAQ: Safe Zone only in spawn To drop stand arrow press [Q] Stand bought from shop cannot be dropped! Stand arrow spawn every 20 minutes [Max 4 arrows at the time] To get a Requiem Stand you have to solve the Easter Egg Hackers will be banned, and there is no appeal in this game.


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By aumpbdee
EXP x2 30:00

[🔥KQOH, KARS BOSS 🔥] JoJo Blox Codes
Code Reward Submitted By
FREEEXP x2 EXP x2 30:00 aumpbdee
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