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Stand Upright [testing]




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Bugs are very present, you be warn!!1 Developers : Aenoir, WilliamOverHeaven, TamperImao Admins : Qaeo, Artlexs, ltsOski Several Face Visuals: Phixxle Level Cap is 500. /trade [player name] to trade another player Merely minimal of the full completion Please message me suggestions and bugs Updating game regularly. Game Gets frequent shutdowns. This version is testing, And isn't the final product. Update log: (21/07/2020) - Bug fixes - New stands Weather Report and Soft And Wet - Gave Putrid Whine Attack Moves - D4C: LT Revamp - Added Horses - New Spin Secondary - Rokakaka's now dont reset Secondarys - Level 55+ quest now has an 8 minute cooldown (Game is based on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which is owned by Hirohiko Araki)


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By Aenoir
1000000 Reqeuim Arrows , 10000000 Cash and 1 Dio T

Stand Upright [testing] Codes
Code Reward Submitted By
StandUprightISCool 1000000 Reqeuim Arrows , 10000000 Cash and 1 Dio T Aenoir
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