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This game is in early development (alpha), expect bugs and please be patient. The game will have stand arrows and rokakaka fruits on full release, also requiem and gb will be quest items. Xbox Controls: To choose a stand, press the 2 boxes button and move your thumbstick to the button X = Rush/ E A = Jump/ Spacebar Right Bumper = Heavy Punch/R Right trigger = Click Punch Down on DPad = Mobility move Left thumbstick press = sprint Left trigger = F/ultimate move Up on DPad = Summon/unsummon Left Bumper = X Y button = T B button = H Right Thumbstick Down = Block Left on Dpad = Taunt Right on Dpad = Y Green baby isn't obtainable in private servers/VIP servers This game is currently being revamped Cheating/exploiting is a permanent ban The game is PC, Mobile & XBOX compatible Credit to emylmalanum_alt1 for making some animations and Freiza_Red for making some face decals! Tags: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJo


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