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The place to chill with friends. Whether you just want to listen to music, or you want to hangout, this is the place for you. Oh.... and there are plenty of secrets to find if you are so inclined, Be careful however... you may uncover something you shouldn't have.... Sit back, relax, and v i b e. Based off Persona 5, and other "Vibe" games on Roblox such as Vibe Train & and Apartment Bar. Go check those out if you get bored here. -UPDATE LOG 6- -Reworked Outside- - New secret room - Multiple new shops -Ramen Shop Opened -UPDATE LOG 5- Donation GUI & Animation Packs - Made some sitting animations look better / fit with the seats.


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By Wastefulotel*
opens a part of the floor in the first floor

clicking on numbers on a thing in the library

By Wastefulotel*
opens a hand

clicking on numbers on the floor


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