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🐉 Welcome to Ninja Clicker Simulator! Gain shurikens, rebirth for yens, buy upgrades, collect pets and craft them, discover new worlds, get to new islands and become richest ninja ever! ⚠️ If you got big ping in game, try to use better WiFi or keep less than 10 pets in inventory! ⚠️ - 🎁 22,500 LIKES - X2 LUCK EVENT! - 🎁 24K LIKES - X2 YEN&SHURIKEN EVENT! - 🎁 65K FAVORITES - X5 LUCK EVENT! Updatelog: - 🍀X5 LUCK! (Will be on before next update!) - 🍯 BEE ISLAND! - 🥚 HIVE EGG! - 🐝 10 NEW PETS! - 📒 Daily, Weekly and Monthly QUESTS! - ⏳ SHINOBI BOOSTS! - 🌟 NEW SHINOBI UPGRADE! - 💰 SALE! Use codes: 💻 HONEY - x10 Yens for 15mins! 💻 BZZZZZ - x10 Secret Pets Chances for 1h! 🐶 +1 Pet Equipped for group join! 🔥 Follow the game to be notified of new updates! ⭐ Don`t forget to put LIKE and FAVORITE!


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By Komax
shurikens 500x


By Komax
shurikens 500x 5 minutes


[🍀X5 LUCK!] ⚡ Ninja Clicker Simulator Codes
Code Reward Submitted By
free20 shurikens 500x Komax
What*L shurikens 500x 5 minutes Komax
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